La Plage Résidence 4 étoiles

House rules

Staying at the Residence La Plage means accepting the current rules
and regulations and undertaking to comply with them, for the wellbeing and tranquillity of all.

Enjoy your stay at Residence La Plage!


The Residence is a private property reserved for its own clients. Anyone not listed on the booking contract is considered a visitor. For this reason, visitors must report to the reception to receive permission to enter.
Visitors admitted are the responsibility of the clients who have invited them. They do not have access to the facilities of the Residence and in particular the swimming pool. Visitors will only be received occasionally and never for the whole stay.
If the number of occupants of the accommodation exceeds the number indicated on the contract, we reserve the right to refuse any additional people. The accommodation of extra guests will be allowed if we have given our agreement.

Swimming pool

The swimming pool is exclusively reserved for the clients of the Residence. Parents are responsible for supervising their children. The Residence declines all responsibility for accidents involving children. Before entering the water, swimmers must have a shower. Wearing a bathing suit is mandatory as well armbands for children and a nappy for the smallest ones.
Inflatables and ball games which may disturb other bathers are forbidden.

Ensuring peace and quiet for everyone

Users of the Residence must avoid making any noise that may disturb other people. Therefore, audio devices must be kept down.
Clients are informed that noisy machinery required for the ground’s maintenance may occur from Monday to Sunday 09.00 to 16.30.


For reasons of safety and hygiene our pet-friends are not allowed at the Residence. No animal may be brought into the rented accommodation under any circumstances.

Rubbish bins

Rubbish and household waste must be put into the appropriate containers provided.


Inside the Residence complex, vehicles must be driven very slowly. It is forbidden to wash vehicles with a hosepipe.

Arrivals and departures

Most of the arrivals are from 16.00. Departures must be made before or at 9.00. Please respect these times. On departure rubbish must be disposed of.

Failure to respect the rules and regulations

We reserve the right to terminate the rental contract immediately and without compensation in the following cases: if the accommodation is occupied by a number of persons greater than that stated in the contract; if the occupants are the subject of complaints from the neighbours for disturbance or non-compliance with the Residence's rules and regulations; and for any damage to the common areas.

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